Forecourt Pty Ltd. is a privately owned electrical and petroleum service and installation company. Operations cover locations in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.




Larry Acord- Managing Director

Larry is responsible for the servicing, installation and certification of the LPG and Petroleum equipment of all works completed by the company. As such, Larry has the authority to complete all necessary testing, certification and verification as required by the Trade Measurement Act and Regulations and the responsibility to ensure that all operations satisfy the requirements of the Act.


John Acord – Operations Manager/Electrical Fitter/Mechanic, Supervisor

John is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and for the completion of required administration as generated by the requirements of the Trade Measurement Act and Regulations. John has the authority to collate the information and submit to the relevant authorities.
John is also responsible for all on site servicing, installation and safety requirements for both electrical and hydraulic services.


Robert Acord - Electrical Fitter/Mechanic

Robert is responsible for all on site servicing, installation and safety requirements for both electrical and hydraulic services.


Roger Lumsdon – Fitter/ workshop- site as required

Roger responsibilities are the workshop fabrication and maintenance of equipment of either this company or clients as well as site work as applicable.


Tracie Richards - Administration Assistant

Tracie’s role includes assisting in administrative duties as instructed as well as accounts receivable and accounts payable.


Andrew Clark-Fitter / Electrician


Ben Fitzgerald -Fitter/ Electrician
Andrew and Ben have been selected by Forecourt to be trained as an electrical fitter/mechanic, in all aspects of the petroleum industry, as well as being trained in industrial, domestic and commercial applications.


Management Representation


The managing Director, Larry Acord is nominated as the management representative.
As such, his responsibility is to ensure that:

  • The requirement of this Quality System as set out are complied with
  • The NSW, VIC and QLD Trade Measurement Act and Regulations, as they relate to the operations of the company, are fully complied with.
  • The National OH & S Management as well as Environmental Management requirements are fully complied with.
  • All staff are Australian Institute of Petroleum accredited.

Forecourt Pty Ltd

PO Box 276
Concord, NSW 2137

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